Wizards Draft Night

The months, the weeks, and the days of counting down to the NBA Draft are over. As I’m writing this Draft time is just over 10 hours away. And for those next ten hours, for Wizards fans, a range of emotions and nervousness will be felt. Ernie Grunfeld’s first seven drafts as Washington GM are highlighted by players such as Andray Blatche, Javale McGee, and Nick Young. WOW! Don’t be blown away with that quality of talent. If you’re not aware, and if you’re reading this I’m sure you are, these players were desperately shipped out of DC for anything we could get our hands on. If someone offered an old washing machine for Nick Young, I’m sure we would have jumped all over it. Oh yea, and you can’t forget about the tantalizing talents of Vladimir Veremeenko. Oh wait, you can because he’s never played a minute in an NBA game

But EG has seemed to step up his drafting game over the last three years. That or he got lucky when drawing names out of a hat. While Ernie really whiffed in 2011 with draft picks of Jan Vesely, Chris Singleton, and Shelvin Mack, the Wizards have landed their backcourt of the future in 2010 and 2012 in John Wall and Brad Beal respectively.

Our ringleader hasn’t had back to back solid drafts in well.. forever, so here is how my day is going to go:


7:32 am:

Eating breakfast and jamming in my own little world thinking tonight is the night…..the night that the Wizards draft their 3rd amigo and make positive steps forward!

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9:05 am:

After sitting at work for an hour and doing some draft research for this article, the reality sets in that EG is still drafting for us and it’s a possibility that bad things can happen tonight. I can’t seem to put a smile on my face at this point in time.

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10:29 am:

To try and cheer myself up that good things can happen, I give Trevor a call. The phone call goes something like this:

Me – Trevor, tonight is going to be super awesome or super bad.

Trevor – You are 100% right. What should we do about this?

Me – Can’t go wrong with good luck haircuts.

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11:32 am:

Chris Broussard tweets a trade rumor. The Wiz are in talks with the Spurs about the #3 pick for Tiago Splitter and a future 2nd rounder. Reports are the EG wants to add playoff experience. I immediately walk to the back of the dealership and start smashing the oldest car I can find.

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12:28 pm:

The rumor is shot down and the Wizards will not be trading their 3rd pick to the Spurs for Tiago Splitter and a future 2nd rounder.

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3:58 pm:

My work day is approaching it’s final hour. I start checking out the mocks around the internet and it looks like Otto Porter should be there for the Wizards and that they will draft him!

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**Not rocking that sweater FYI. Thursdays are not tacky Christmas sweater days at Grubbs Chevrolet.**


5:30 pm:

I’m in the man cave and getting primed for the draft which is only two hours away. My friends start making comments such as “I wonder what foreign idiot the Wiz will draft this year?” and “I heard Andray Blatche’s brother is in this year’s draft. You all should take him for sure.” I am not laughing.

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7:29 pm:

The draft is about to start. The Wizards haven’t traded their pick, and there is no more talks about it. I am at ease.

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***This is where the best possible scenarios happen. Let’t freaking hope it plays out this way***


7:48 pm:

David Stern makes his stroll to the podium and states, “With the 3rd overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards select Otto Porter, small forward out of Georgetown University.” I slap hands with my buddies until I can’t feel my hand.

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9:47 pm:

The Wizards are on the clock for pick 38. Tim Legler and Jeff Van Gundy are having vocal orgasms that the nation’s leading scorer is still available and hasn’t been drafted yet. Out comes Adam Silver and he says, “With the 38th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards select Erick Green.” My god. I cant believe it. A 2nd rounder who might actually be on the opening day roster.

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10:39 pm:

The Wizards are on the clock again. This time it’s Chris Broussard that probably needs to change his underpants talking about Mike Muscala and how he is still available. He states that his floor is a solid career backup with a ceiling of a legit double-double starting NBA center. Could the Wizards actually nail three picks in one draft? I’m getting antsy thinking about it.

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10:40 pm:

Adam Silver strolls tho the podium again and announces the following: “With the 54th pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards select Mike Muscala, center out of Bucknell.” It happened. Three solid draft picks. IN ONE DRAFT!!

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12:27 pm:

The draft is over. Analysts are actually praising the Wizards draft. It has finally happened. A draft day where holes didn’t get punched in my walls. I’m as giddy as a school girl on prom night, and I can rest easy! Or at least as giddy as Cosmo Kramer.

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And this is how my day will be going. Hopefully the best case scenarios happen and we all end up happy once the 2013 NBA Draft wraps up. So lace up your lucky Wiz Gear, get in your favorite seats, and pray that EG doesn’t give us a punch to the testicles tonight!



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