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Washington Wizards Huddle

Let's Huddle Together Wizards Fans (courtesy Washington Wizards)


Being a Wizards fan isn’t easy.  The team has been a bottom dweller the last few years and the organization has been dysfunctional.  In the land of the internets, the die hard Wizards fans seems few and far between (that makes it all the more sweeter when the Wizards do become competitive).  It is more of a tight knit group than some other local teams.

There are some very good media outlets, who do an outstanding job covering the Wizards through good and bad (and I am sure their job will be much more enjoyable with a few more victories).

I have compiled a list of the best places to go and the people to follow on twitter to get all of your Wizards news.  Sort of a top 10 list for Wizards fans, but not in any particular order.

There are many places to get your Wizards coverage…….these are the best:


Headed by Jake Whitacre and Mike Prada, Bullets Forever cranks out a multitude of Wizards news on a daily basis.  They also do a good job of gathering Wiz news from around the web and compiling it for their followers.

Truth About It also does a great job cranking out the Wizards content.  Kyle Weidie has done a good job assembling a group who really understand the game of basketball.  These guys have a good sense of humor, and you can tell they know what they are talking about.  They even have a Czech correspondent to help cover Jan Vesely.

Out of everyone on this list, Michael Lee probably gives you the best look into the team.  He does a great job on covering the team from a seemingly non-biased opinion.  He covers the good and the bad.

Kevin Hine has done a great job putting his site together.  He has gathered a small army of Wizards writers who always bring a strong opinion to their articles.  The Trevor Booker love flowing from this site is endless.  Follow these guys as well for great Wiz tweets: Ben M, Worldwide James, and Above Legit

Wizards Extreme is a great place to go for all Wizards fans.  I am not just saying that because I am a mod at the site and help contribute.  The site really is run by a group of true fans, so they can bring you great basketball knowledge from the perspective of fans.  The forums are also a great place to go to discuss all things Wizards with a hard core group of fans.  Follow their contributors:  @DJ_SAAM, @AsadNaqviDMV, @JoeGlo1, @Abdu11ah, @ShaunAhmad, @MrTakeItEasy, and Michael Andrews (even though I can’t find his twitter for some reason).

Kevin brings a good perspective to the WUSA9 sports blog.  He knows what he is talking about and does a good job updating fans on current Wizards news.  He also is a good person to follow for all DC sports.

If you are a Wizards fan, then you know who Chris Miller is.  The beat reporter for CSN, he is able to bring up to date Wizards news with his access to the team.  He is also a good follow for all things NBA.

To quote what @recordsANDradio said, if you are not following GheorgeThe Blog on twitter… are not maximizing the internet experience.  “Dedicated to the premise that life would be better if we all took ourselves a little less seriously.”  That sums it up there, but not just basketball, he is a great follow for all things DC sports.

Frank Hanrahan covers the Wizards for CSN, and his articles are always a good read.  He is very informative, and you can tell is passionate about the team he covers.

Your radio play by play guys, these guys are most follows for Wizards fans.  The also contribute to the official Washington Wizards Blog, bringing updates and current news.

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