Are the Wizards in play for James Harden?


The Oklahoma City Thunder are exploring the possibility of trading James Harden in exchange for the #2 or #3 overall pick in tonight’s draft in an apparent effort to select Brad Beal.  Chad Ford mentioned this in his most recent Mock Draft today (his 96th version I believe).

From OKC’s perspective, they have already handed out huge deals to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and have to pay Harden and/or Serge Ibaka soon.  By dealing Harden, they would then be able to extend Ibaka and add a young talent in Beal at a significantly lower price than what they would have to pay to keep Harden in town.

If Ernie Grunfeld has the opportunity to make this deal and passes, Ted needs to walk in and fire him immediately and call OKC back and tell them we accept.  I’d love to see him walk in right now and fire him anyways, but that’s another story for another time.

Harden will be just 23 when the season starts and would form one of the best backcourts in the league with John Wall.  He has increased his numbers across the board in each of his three seasons in the league and could potentially blossom into one of the top scorers in the league if given the opportunity.

If this deal happens I think you can have serious conversations about the Wiz contending for a playoff spot this season.

If there was ever a move to make this is the one.  Say a few prayers to the basketball gods today and maybe — just maybe — we can get excited about Wizards basketball for the first time in a long time.

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