Martell Webster will be in DC this upcoming season



Continuing their plan to reconstruct the roster and have as much depth as possible, the Washington Wizards have agreed to terms with shooting guard Martell Webster.

This continues a trend Washington has been on of adding solid veteran players to mix in with their group of talented young guys. Webster will be going into his 8th NBA season this year, but at age 25, is still a young player with room to grow.

Prior to the signing, Washington only had 2 shooting guards on their roster with never too shy to shoot it Jordan Crawford and rookie Bradley Beal holding down the spot. Webster will compete for playing time with the two, and his consistent outside shooting (career 37.4% from deep) will be very important as the Wizards always seem to be ranked in the bottom of the league in three point shooting.

Wizards fans are hoping they get the 2010-2011 version of Webster, when he shot a career high 41.7% from long range and not the 2011-2012 version who shot 33.9% — a career low — from outside.

Overall this is a good signing as it give the Wizards more depth at a position that they needed. If Webster can find his range, he should find many open opportunities for kick outs from the lightning quick penetration of John Wall. How the rotation shakes out still remains to be seen, but having multiple capable players competing in camp is never a bad thing.


Side Note:

  • As a general Ernie Grunfeld basher, I must admit I have to give him credit. If you take a look at the turnover this roster has had since the beginning of last season, it really is incredible. This by no means is saying that the Wizards are now a successful team and will make a playoff run, but Ernie has done his job and put talented vets along with talented young players and it is up to them to start winning. Whenever you can add Nene, Emeka Okafor, Trevor Ariza, Bradley Beal, A.J. Price, and Martell Webster to replace Nick Young, an old Rashard Lewis, Andray Blatche, and JaVale McGee… has to be considered a good job. Hats of to Ernie for the construction, or shall I say re-construction, of the Wizards so far.


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