Wednesday Wizards Report

Randy Wittman Frustrated

The losses keep piling up


Another game down and another heart breaking loss that had us Wizards fans thinking we might pull out a victory over a quality team. Last night it came to the tune of a 100-95 OT loss at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks. It was just another game in this 3-19 season that brought us hope and excitement but those feelings took a quick 180 degree turn and turned into disappointment. Last night it was 4th quarter free throws that did us in.

After 19 losses so far this season, each loss brings another way of losing. It’s either bone-head turnovers, forced offensive looks in crunch time, missed free throws, the list goes on and on. The Wizards can’t even win when it comes to their injury news. John Wall still has no timetable to return if in fact he even returns this season.

At some point the bad luck and the losses have to stop right? Well some of our bad luck can end if Ted Leonsis will just go ahead and fire Ernie Grunfeld so our new GM can start to shape our roster a little better before the trade deadline. But there is one thing that Grunfeld can do, that I think will stop some of the bleeding and put some wins in the win column. Grunfeld needs to go ahead and fire Randy Wittman. It would be the lone smart move that Grunfeld has made this season. The man is 3-19 and a lot of those losses came in the 4th quarter where it looks like he has no idea who to play or what plays to call. These players I’m sure have started to tune out Wittman, and we need a different voice on the sidelines.

But even with a new leader on the sidelines, what else can be done this season to give us fans some hope? Last night Wittman actually did something right. He played our best players appropriate minutes and we were in the game right to the end. I believe a new coach will see the writing on the wall that we need to play Crawford and Beal at least 30 minutes a night. A new coach will realize that we need to start our best players (Nene, Seraphin, Webster, Beal, and Crawford) so we don’t get down by 10 points every freaking first quarter. With a new coach and hopefully some enthusiasm from the players with a new voice in their ears, some more wins might be on the horizon.

After the regular season is over, what’s next for the Wizards? The answer to that is the NBA Draft Lottery, which the Wizards have even come up short on that, although it is completely out of their control. Prime example is the 2009 draft when we had the best chance to land the first pick and Blake Griffin and we ended up with the 5th pick (which was traded for Randy Foye and Mike Miller).  Dating all the way back to the 2001 draft, the Wiz have had seven top ten picks (that includes the 5th pick we traded in the 09 draft),  but Washington has yet to land a true franchise player. Talk about bad luck.

But let’s just hope and pray that this franchise can stop coming up short, and we all know what needs to happen first in order for the Wiz fortune to change:




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