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It’s time to pick up the phone EG!

Now that the Washington Wizards have made their splash in free agency with the signing of Eric Maynor and the re-signing of Martell Webster and Garrett Temple, Ernie Grunfeld and company should focus their attention to the trade market. The roster is set at the 1-3 positions, but John Wall never got that “stretch 4” that he coveted. While there have been rumblings that Washington is interested in bringing back Antwan Jamison, I believe that the Wiz should go the route of a trade to finish filling out the roster for the 2013-14 season.

With the belief that Okafor, Nene, and Seraphin can man the center position, a “stretch 4” is really what would round this roster out nicely. Since Grunfeld isn’t the best at wheeling and dealing, I have decided to fire up the NBA trade machine to see what deals could potentially be had.


Trade Target #1 – Derrick Williams


How many times has the Wizernet talked about trading for Derrick Williams? Too many to count I know. But it’s time to revisit this scenario again. There are a couple different deals with the Timberwolves that could be had to land Derrick Williams. My personal preference would be to ship them Jan Vesely and Trevor Booker in return for Williams. Would they do that? Possibly if we threw in a future first rounder, but I really don’t see any team trading for Vesely unless they want him to do hilarious video parodies for the franchise. So what would it take to get a Derrick Williams deal done? Probably something that looks like this:

**Wizards send Trevor Ariza, Trevor Booker, and a protected future first rounder to the T-Wolves for Derrick Williams and Luke Ridnour**

While I’m not keen of taking back Ridnour, it might have to happen to make the deal go down. Also, Ridnour could be sent to a third team for a 2nd rounder or someone on a one-year contract. This would give the Wizards a stretch 4 while also clearing some of the log jam at the forward positions. For the T-Wolves, they would be getting cap relief next season to the tune of almost $8 million, a young cheap wing player in Singleton, and a future pick. Seems like a win-win for both sides.

Trade Target #2 – Either one of the Morris brothers


Both of the Morris brothers, Marcus and Markieff, are good sized PFs with some nice range on their jumpers. The Suns have a log jam at their PF position with both Morris’, Luis Scola, and Michael Beasely in the fold. So a trade that looks like the following might be enough for the Sun’s brass to unload one of the Morris brothers:

**Wizards send Chris Singleton and 2014 second rounder to the Suns for either Morris brother**

This unloads one of Washington’s SFs and lands a stretch 4. It also keeps Ariza in the fold for him to play out the year with the Wizards or they could unload him at the trade deadline. The Suns unload one of their PFs and add depth to their wings.


Trade Target #3 – Ryan Anderson


Ryan Anderson is the best player on this list, but due do his $8 million plus salary over the next three seasons, I see him as option number three. We all know Ryan Anderson’s ability to shoot the rock and be one heck of an effective pick and pop player, but that contract would put a damper on the Wizards cap space over the next couple of years. But what would a trade look like to obtain him? Good question. But this might do the trick:

**Wizards send Trevor Ariza and Trevor Booker future protected first round pick to the Pelicans for Ryan Anderson

Like I said earlier, Anderson comes with a heavy price tag, but he is just 25 years old and could be exactly what John Wall wants. We all know that keeping your stars happy is extremely important, so if we think Anderson could be a part of the future, he keeps John Wall happy, and he shoot nears .400 from downtown, he might be worth the risk. This trade also gives the re-building Pelicans cap space next season, a future first rounder, and clears up more minutes for franchise center-piece Anthony Davis at the 4 spot.


These are three trading options that would improve Washington’s roster, add a stretch 4, and clear a log jam on the wings. Ernie it’s time to pick up the phone and start checking around the league to see what is obtainable.

Give us your feedback in the comments section on these three trading targets and let us know who else you think the Wiz should go after!


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