Josh Smith Wizards Rumors


The Washington Wizards are one of the many teams being mentioned who have interest in trading for Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith. The Wizards have two big-time assets, John Wall and rookie guard Bradley Beal.  Both of those guys seem to be virtually untradeable and there is no reason to think that Washington would give up either piece for a half-year of Josh Smith. The next best asset for the Wizards to part with to obtain Josh Smith is the 1st-round pick for the 2013 draft.

Washington is currently 15-36. There is a strong possibility that the Wizards pick will be in the top 5 of the draft, possibly even top 3. We would have to extend Josh Smith and when we do we would have a super-athletic combo to build around with Wall/Beal/Smith. Seeing as I don’t think any players in the 2013 NBA draft have Josh Smith’s current ceiling, I think making this trade is worth the risk for Washington.

A starting lineup consisting of the following would compete in the Eastern Conference:

PG: John Wall
SG: Bradley Beal
SF: Josh Smith
PF:  Nene
C:  Emeka Okafor

A core of Wall, Beal and Smith to build around for our future would be super athletic and fun for our fan base moving forward. If we can get Smith, then I definitely think we’d be a playoff team next year.

The NBA trade machine works with a trade of us getting Josh Smith and giving the Hawks our top 5 draft pick, Ariza, Crawford and Vesley in return.

Wizards Josh Smith Trade

This trade would do wonders for our future and make the Verizon Center an attraction again for Wizards basketball fans.

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