Jordan Crawford DNP

Rackin up DNPs

Well technically not nothing, they will get back Leandro Barbosa’s expiring contract as well as his torn ACL.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Washington Wizards have dealt shooting guard and kind-of Wiz fan favorite Jordan Crawford to the Boston Celtics for the expiring deal of Leandro Barbosa. What the Wizards get back in return is a player who just tore his ACL 10 days ago and will never don the red, white, and blue Bullets Wizards jersey in DC.

The move is essentially a salary dump, that will save them $2,162,418 towards next year’s salary.

The Wizards managed to take an at least semi-valuable player, crush his value within weeks of the trade deadline by giving him a string of DNP-CDs, and then let the league know he is available for pennies on the dollar.

The result, Jordan Crawford is traded for…..nothing. More (angry) thoughts on this later.

Best of luck in Boston JC. Stay steezy.


**UPDATE: Per Woj, Boston will also be sending Jason Collins in the deal. So I still stand by my “nothing” assessment.

Boston will send Jason Collins to the Wizards part of Jordan Crawford deal, source tells Y! Sports.
Adrian Wojnarowski


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