THE BIG 3 Wizards Austin Powers

A world without Photoshop is a world that I do NOT want to live in. Luckily this is America, and Photoshopping is quite relevant. For most Washington Wizards fans, the root of all evil lies within our management and coaching. So what better way to compare the Wizards’ front office and coaching to the most evil of all villains. I mean throw us a friggin’ bone here!!!

This wonderful Photoshop above was done by one of our members, TheGodfather, over on our message boards. The image was posted in a Caption This Pic post on the forums.

And while we are on the subject — and because why not….some quotes from Dr. Evil:


On changing the team name back to the Bullets:

Meme Team Name

“Why make trillions when you can make…..billions?”


On being in the lottery again in 2013:

Meme Lottery



On the story about the Bullets Championship trophy being in a closet:

Meme Trophy

“Zip it, ex zip it a, zippy longstockings, zip it, zip it good, subtitle: zip it, zuckle on my zipple, zip it, Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, exZIPIT A…”


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