Wednesday Wizards Report

John Wall Struggle


After a six game lay off the Wizards returned to action last night against the Toronto Raptors and man was it ugly. No one on the team outside of Bradley Beal and Martell Webster looked ready to play and the end result showed just that in a 96-88 defeat. Beal and Martell combined for 41 of the 88 Wizard points. The third pick in this year’s draft tallied 25 points after going 3 of 6 from 3-point land and Martell poured in 16 points while shooting 3 of 5 from downtown. Outside of those two the Wiz shot 16 of 50 from the field, which translates to 32%, which also translates to a loss. And to top it off we got to witness what is surely to be the last time Steez wears a Wizards jersey.  After pouting on the end of the bench the entire game with a towel over his head, Jordan Crawford threw his jersey in the crowd on his walk off the court. If that’s not a signal for the end, I don’t know what is.

John Wall had his toughest night of the year, finishing with nine points, six assists, and seven turnovers going a dismal 1 for 12 from the field. It was ugly plain and simple, but don’t put too much stock into this game Wiz fans. He’s played a total of 19 games with this squad after coming back from a several month injury and coming off a six day layoff. Yes he played bad, but I highly doubt this will continue. The real issue to take from this game is the horrid coaching and what to do with Jordan Crawford.

Randy Wittman’s fourth consecutive DNP for Crawford was the final straw that broke the Steez’s back. He finally showed how disgruntled he is with the current situation and it pretty much sealed his fate in Washington. The bad part about last night’s shenanigans is that it certainly did not help Crawford’s trade value. What team is going to give away something of value for a player who if he doesn’t have his way pouts on the bench and throws his jersey in the stands? Let’s see what Ernie can pull out of his bag of tricks this time. Hopefully not Brian Cook.

Wittman also had a terrible night, as he sat Bradley Beal, our leading scorer, for the first seven minutes of the fourth quarter. Pretty smart move heading in the final period down by eight points. I mean at this point none of us know what runs through Randy’s head, but it definitely isn’t intelligent basketball rotations. Yes a majority of the team played bad, but with some different rotations and coaching, one would think the Wizards would have had a better chance to win last night.

With the trade deadline less then 48 hours away, let’s hope it’s a for sure thing that we make at least one move. I’ll be back Thursday to give you all a Wizards wrap-up of our trade deadline moves. Hopefully it will be positive things to write about. In what will probably be the last time I can use this tag line, Stay Steezy my friends.

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