Jordan Crawford Traded

The trade deadline has come and gone and yet again the Wizard’s fan base is left shaking their heads with disappointed. The Wizards made one move before the 3:00pm EST Trade Deadline. They sent disgruntled SG Jordan Crawford to the Boston Celtics for injured for the season guard Leandro Barbosa and Jason Collins. This move was made to clear roughly $2.1 million of cap space for next season and that is about it. That’s right no picks were involved, no cash, nothing. The Wiz received a 30 year old guard who just tore his ACL and will likely never wear a Wizards uniform and a 7 footer who fouls more than he scores, for a 24 year old that averages 13 ppg and three assists and is still on his rookie deal. Certainly there had to be a better deal floating around the NBA universe than this.

This move is sure to infuriate the Wizards community and hopefully the all mighty Ted will take notice. The Suns received a 7-foot prospect AND a second rounder for Bassy Telfair. I mean come on Ernie. You couldn’t at least muster a second round pick for the Steez? If this was NFL season, Grunfeld would certainly be placed on Sunday Countdown’s “Come on Man” segment.  But like I said, let’s hope Ted takes notice that Grunfeld is not capable of running a successful basketball franchise in DC.

So for the love of god, FIRE GRUNFELD!!

With it now being 3:26 as I’m typing this and no other rumblings of the Wizards making another trade, it sure looks like Washington fans lose again. Now all we can do is hope and pray that Grunfeld is gone before the NBA Draft gets here. Because it would be too much to hear David Stern announce on June 27th, “With the 3rd overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, The Washington Wizards select Dario Saric, the 6-11 forward from Croatia.” Look him up. He’s real and projected as a first rounder. Dear God.

With that being said, Blog So Hard wishes the best of luck to the man known as Steez in his venture to Boston!

Finally YOU don’t have to deal with Grunfeld any longer. Maybe we should all put towels over our heads at games.

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