Andrew Mccutchen vs Nationals

Many players become comfortable playing against teams and pitchers they see all them time. But I have never seen a hitter dominate teams pitchers like Andrew McCutchen dominates the Nationals pitchers. It is down right impressive. Normally a player will have the number of a certain pitcher, but for McCutchen it doesn’t matter who it is, he is free swinging and dropping bombs.

He came into the game last night with a .442/.505/.907 career line against Nationals pitching. This includes six doubles, two triples, and 10 home runs. And Friday night would be no different for him. In his first at-bat he dropped a bomb and went on to go 3-4 with 2 singles on the night.  He also has a sixteen game hitting streak going against the Nationals.

If I were the Nationals, I would just walk this guy every time he comes to the plate. The last time I saw stats like this I was playing MLB: The Show on Rookie Mode.

McCutchen will have a couple more chances to add to his totals against the Nats this weekend as they play again at 4:05 today and 1:35 Sunday.

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