Skins Draft Recap

–from a Cowboys Fan’s Perspective



Editor’s Note: Miles Horton is a Cowboy’s fan…. but he is one of those respectable types – unlike most of them


So now that the dust has settled, we find ourselves with some time to be able to review the NFL Draft.  A lot of speculation and discussion has been going on with the Washington Redskins and how they took two QBs in the draft.

We’ll get into that, but before I do, I wanted to introduce myself.

First, let me begin by saying that I am not a diehard Skins fan.  I did not grow up wearing the burgundy and gold.  No, I am actually the opposite.  I was raised to be a Dallas Cowboys fan.  And before you ask — yes, I’ve been to Dallas, Texas.











But let’s move forward.  If you know me, I am not what Skins fans would call “The typical Cowboys fan.”  I am able to look past the rivalry.


Round 1:  Robert Griffin III (QB)

Clearly, this was a no-brainer.  After trading up to get him, I believe this was the right move.  Originally, when I heard the news of the trade, I thought this was too much to give up for him.  Once I realized that the Skins had a plethora of picks in this year’s draft, it made sense for them to trade up to get their new franchise QB.  The Skins have started 18 different quarterbacks since the 1994 season. The list is bleak.  However, no one has had the charisma from the start like RG3.  Even as a Cowboys fan, I’m excited to see how RG3 plays in his rookie season.  He finally brings an excitement to Washington that has been missing for quite some time.

Round 3: Josh LeRibeus (G)

In my opinion, the biggest weakness the Redskins have had for years, is the offensive line.  Part of the reason there have been so many QBs throughout the years, is simply because there is not enough time for them to throw the football.  Drafting LeRibeus is a strong step in the right direction.  Potentially having him line up next to Trent Williams, will quickly have a strong side of the line.  Creating a pocket that RG3 can feel comfortable in will be key to his growth.  Add that Williams is coming into his third season, these three guys could build quite the bond for years to come.  This may not have been a “sexy” pick, but it was the right call.

Round 4:  Kirk Cousins (QB)

Kirk Cousins holds the record for most career wins at Michigan State.  He does not have the athletic ability to compete with RG3, however analysts were high on his ability to read and understand film.  He comes into Washington as the backup; there will be no QB Controversy this year in D.C.  A lot of people are searching as to why they went out and drafted Cousins.  In my opinion, I think it is an alright pick.  Not the wisest,  but Cousins value was high in the 4th.  John Beck was never going to see the field ever again.  Drafting Cousins allows for him to mature and learn the NFL for at least 4 years under contract to the Skins.  Why keep Beck around when you can see what Cousins is made of?  The key issue here though, is that there were other areas that should have been addressed in the 4th round, before going after another QB.  This will be a pick that only time will tell if it was the right decision.  With the picks Washington gave up in the next two drafts, I wouldn’t be surprised to see if they end up trading Cousins down the line to get back into the 2nd or 3rd round of a future draft (if his value gets that high).

Round 4:  Keenan Robinson (LB)

This could be the steal of the late rounds.  Robinson is truly a monster.  His athletic ability may allow him to become a force on the defensive side of the ball.  He will probably stand up on the outside opposite of Orakpo.  Potentially coming off the same side as Kerrigan creates a scary situation for O-linemen when facing the Skins.  It’ll be interesting to see how Robinson develops this off-season to see how much of an impact he makes in his rookie season.

Round 5: Adam Gettis (OG)

In my opinion, Gettis will probably not be a starter in the NFL.  Analysts believe he lacks the awareness to pick up blitzes, as well as lacks the strength to block against some of the NFL’s best.  However, he is young and has the ability to get in shape, as well as study film.  Anytime the Skins take linemen though, it is probably a good thing.

Round 6: Alfred Morris (RB)

Morris had an interesting college career.  Originally, the plan was for Morris to be the fullback, but due to injuries to his teammates during his senior year, he was able to become the teams running back.  He started, and never looked back.  He has good juke moves, and is a typical build for a RB.  He won the school’s Academic Award in 2009.  I believe RBs can come from anywhere.  You don’t have to be a Heisman candidate to be a successful running back.  Not to mention, Coach Shanahan can turn anyone into a 1,000 yard rusher.

Round 6: Tom Compton (OT)

Compton was a four year starter at South Dakota.  Scouts and analysts project him to have better attributes and intangibles than those of Adam Gettis.  He started every game in his college career, so injuries seem to avoid him.  He should help with the pass protection for the Redskins.  As a 6’4 313lb lineman, he certainly has the size to be an NFL O-lineman.

Round 7: Richard Crawford (CB)  / Round 7: Jordan Bernstine (CB)

Not a ton of background regarding these corners.  Many experts don’t see both of these corners staying on roster.  It will probably come down to how they play during the preseason.  The Skins do need some help in the secondary, but these guys may not be the answer.

Overall, I do believe that the Skins had a good draft.  Their first two picks went after their needs.  They could have been a little stronger in the later rounds, but I do believe this was a very solid year for the Skins.  I don’t know what the immediate impact will be, with the addition of RG3, but it certainly will be more fun to watch.

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