Seems like forever since we have had a lot to talk about around these parts, but now it’s not so bad to be a D.C. sports fan anymore.

With the exception of only the Washington Capitals over the years, it’s been really tough sledding for the other teams around the DMV with our beloved Redskins have been a laughing stock over the last 12 years, the Wizards not sniffing the playoffs since 2008, and the Nationals being one of the worst teams in baseball since their return to D.C. But things are finally looking up and people are starting to take notice of D.C. sports as a whole now!

I remember listening to sports talk radio a little over a year ago and remembering the personalities saying the Washington Nationals are going to be as good as any other team in the MLB. I said to myself “hmm maybe, but not next year”…my crow has been served. No one expected the Nationals to be good so quick, sure they had the talent to make a run at the postseason and probably finish in the middle of the pack in the NL East, but there is no way that they can trump teams like the Phillies and the Braves. The way that the Nats have been playing this past year has been nothing short of amazing, going from being the worst team in baseball to now being the best team in baseball.

Whether you have been a fan since the Senators or have just started watching the Nationals, be proud of what this team has been doing and the excitement they have brought us since day one of this season. Go out to Nats park and make some noise every single time the opposing team is up bat, let the other team know that they are in for a fight, sing Morse’s batting song as loud as possible,  and enjoy the playoffs because we all deserve it.

Then we have our beloved Washington Redskins. Let’s face it, the Skins are still king of the jungle around here, they will always be everyone’s first love through thick and thin. It hasn’t been all peaches the last 10 to 12 years for the Skins, from going through an ownership change and really not winning anything since, to high priced free agents that don’t produce on the field, lawsuits, and being looked at as the “team that you can get your season back on track against”. But the Redskins have finally smartened up and learned from teams like the Packers and Patriots, building your team through the draft is the best way to put your team back on track. Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen have stripped this team totally down and revamped it with some young promising talent. Starting with finally getting a franchise quarterback , a slew of young running backs, and a could be dangerous  wide receiver corp.

Yes the team might be struggling right now, but the tide has turned for the Redskins. Like a said with the Nationals, be proud of what your team is doing, don’t bash them when they do something wrong, it’s all about supporting your home town team.

Bottom line, stand up and be proud of what these teams are doing. Support all of them, every single franchise in this area has a chance to be great every year. We as fans just need to continue to support them and show the players that we care as much as they do.

So go Skins, Wiz, Nats and Caps! Let’s get back to that thing we call winning!

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